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About Gurukul Online Learning Network [GOLN ]

Gurukul Online Learning Network online educational network in Bangladesh was created in 2019. The platform started in 2019 with a small number of content on limited topics. At present, it has around 50 specialized YouTube channels and Facebook pages to serve students of all education mediums of Bangladesh. "Gurukul" is a Sanskrit word that roughly means school. It is included in the names of the channels and pages under the network, such as "Bangla Gurukul", "English Gurukul", "Math Gurukul". The number of videos or digital classes currently available on these channels and pages are over 6,000 and can be accessed for free. The network's total subscribers are over 23 lakh at present and the monthly average of two crore views as reported in July 2021. Gurukul Online Learning Network (GOLN) stands out among digital educational platforms mainly because of its magnitude and specialty on a wide range of subjects.

Type of business: Online Education System
Available in Bengali, English & Hindi
Headquarter: New Eskaton, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Area served: Bangladesh & India
Industry:  Education Technology
Current status: Active